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GroupDocs.Viewer for Java

HMTL5 document viewer library for displaying 50+ types of documents and images within your Java apps
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11 March 2015

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This is a library of document viewing functions for Java applications.

GroupDocs.Viewer for Java is a document viewer library that supports more than 50 file formats. It can be easily integrated into any Java application. The library renders documents without using an Open Office connector, virtual printer driver or any other 3rd party dependency. Applications developed can easily display PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, AutoCad and raster image viewer and more. The rendering of the documents in any of the supported formats is clear-cut. The reproduction is remarkable in either of two modes available. It comes with a web UI designed for comfortable viewing of multipage documents in a browser. Then there is the GUI. You are able to allow end users to scroll or turn pages like slides. Thumbnails preview is available. You can search for, select and copy text, download and print documents, etc. Documents can be viewed from any web-enabled device.

This tool supports IE (8+), Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari 5+ and their mobile versions. This tool can be deployed on your private servers making sure there are no problems with document security. Document operations such as copying text, downloading or printing documents, can be easily restricted or removed from the UI. The library can let your app read documents from a URL and data streams or load documents from a file path. Documents can be rasterized or converted to a combination of SVG, HTML and CSS. The viewer works with any web-enabled device and common web-browsers. Fit to width/height/visible and zoom in/out of the document and print the document from a browser is possible.

Publisher's description

GroupDocs.Viewer for Java is an HMTL5-based document viewer library that allows you to display 50+ types of documents and images within your Java apps. Supported formats include: PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel documents, PowerPoint presentations, Visio diagrams, CAD and raster images.
The library converts documents to HTML5, which allows you to render documents as a combination of HTML, CSS and SVG. HTML5-based document rendering gives you a number of benefits:
- Documents are rendered as real text files. This allows end users to select/copy text right from documents displayed within your app or website.
- Thanks to native text rendering, fonts always look sharp and documents look exactly like the original files.
- End users can view documents from any web-enabled device using any HTML5-complient browser.
- There is no need to install anything on the client side at all. So, PDF documents, for example, can be viewed without having to install Adobe Reader.
The library also comes with a user-friendly web UI that allows end users to seamlessly navigate large multi-page documents in a browser. When viewing documents through the interface, users can:
- Scroll or turn pages with a button.
- Jump straight to the specified page.
- Preview and navigate pages with thumbnails.
- Select, copy and search for text within documents.
- Zoom in/out of a document.
- Print and download documents from a web-browser.
Finally, GroupDocs.Viewer for Java library doesn't has any 3rd-party dependencies and can be easily deployed with a packaged JAR file on your server. If you'd like to test the library without any evaluation restrictions, please feel free to contact GroupDocs sales for 30-day fully-functional trial.
GroupDocs.Viewer for Java
GroupDocs.Viewer for Java
Version 2.8
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